Back to sea!

By a very roundabout route, we have ended up about as far apart as it is possible to get and still be in the USA.  Karen is on Harmonie our new Amel 53 in Port Canaveral, Florida; and Bill is on Fetchin’ Ketch in Honolulu.

Bill is getting Fetchin’ Ketch ready to sail back to San Francisco where she left from almost 10 months ago.  This should be a fun and exciting trip.

I have most everything done that I had hoped to get done to get the FK ready for her trip back across the ocean.  Just waiting for the delivery of one last piece.  I have a couple of guys who volunteered to help with the sail back.  Should be a piece of cake with a full complement of experienced crew!

Crew arrives on April 2.  As soon after that as we can load up with provisions, and catch a likely looking weather window we’ll be off!

Watch here for regular progress reports on the trip back to California.

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3 Responses to Back to sea!

  1. Bill Kinney says:


    Fantastic! A trip around the world! What kind of boat will you be on?



  2. Marlys says:

    Happy for you…that you’ve got two good crew to help make the crossing back to San Francisco. I wish I could have done it. However, I’ve just signed on to the World ARC…2017. The Atlantic crossing wasn’t enough!

    Good wishes and an enjoyable crossing for you all!



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