Further South!

Time 2330 local
Lat N 25° 25.5′
Lon W 80° 07.1′
Nautical miles from Port Everglades Entrance : 40.7
Nautical miles to Big Pine Key: 85.7

Back on blue water again! We have the perfect sail to shake things down after doing so much to the boat, a day of fairly easy sailing.

We got a late start because the boatyard was clueless on how to get the paperwork processed we need for the Florida tax authorities. What is so strange about this is it’s the same people who processed it so efficiently last year, but the new corporate owners are “improving” things. To the point we had to print out the right form on the boat to take in to get signed because the front desk “isn’t allowed” to keep them anymore. I kept expecting to see the silly army of freshly minted MBA’s from a major consulting firm that have ruined so many businesses.

Oh well, all that frustration is behind us, and was forgotten as we watched the lights of Miami come on in front of a beautiful sunset. The sky glow of the big city is falling behind as we work our way outside the shallow reefs east of Key Biscane. Our sailing is warm and delightful. A bit slow as we are sailing against the flow of the Gulf Stream, but still we are making steady progress.

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3 Responses to Further South!

  1. carlylelk@aol.com says:


    I’m curious what paperwork you needed for the FL tax authorities?

    Duane Wanderer, SM#477


    • Bill Kinney says:


      To make kind of a long story as short as possible, if we were to bring Harmonie into Florida, we would owe the state sales tax on her purchase. UNLESS… we are bringing her in to a boatyard for work. In that case we have 20 days to come and go, plus the time in the yard. The paperwork we were waiting for was the certification they were working on the boat for the dates we were there.



  2. Kevan says:

    Fair winds! Missing you guys and the blue water. Looking forward to reading of your journey.


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