Power Up!

After a huge amount of work over several weeks, we had our big day: The first test run of our new generator. Spoiler Alert: It worked!

A few weeks ago we we had our old generator lifted out of the boat, and sent off with the recycler. It had done a great job, and lived a long live, but the availability of spare parts was a serious issue.

Our last view of our trusty Onan, hanging from the yard crane…

Bert Jabin’s Yacht Yard did a fantastic job getting all the heavy lifting and logistics done. Really a first class outfit. The new generator dropped in with as little effort as the old one took to leave.

The new generator on its rebuilt foundation looking all shiny and ready for the next 25 years of powering our boat! The install is clean and neat.

There was a lot of serious thought and calculations that went into the decision of what kind of generator we wanted. We have gradually been moving our boat from a 1990’s electrical system to something more appropriate to the 21st century.

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2 Responses to Power Up!

  1. Gary Jones says:

    Progress looks great! How much less weight for the new vs the original?


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