Fun… and (Minor) Problems.

For the past few days we have been anchored in Black Point Harbour next to another Super Maramu, Gleam, home to our friends Paul and Ashley Fry and their two boys.

I took Paul and his son Cason out fishing on Harmonie, to show them a couple tricks and tips. I showed them all right. We fished hard all day and we got:


We did managed to find fish, unfortunately the fish managed to take more from us in terms of tackle and hardware than we managed to take from them. It’s been a long time since I fished that long and hard with nothing to add to the freezers. But fun was had by all!

An unfortunate discovery while I was doing some routine work in the engine room: The oil in our drive system is contaminated with water. This means that the seals on the propeller shaft under the boat are leaking. This is not an urgent emergency, but is something that needs attending to. Unfortunately, that attention means the boat needs to be out of the water for a few hours.

The next place down our planned track we know of that can reliably haul a boat the size of Harmonie is in Puerto Rico, at least two weeks, maybe four, away. Our alternative is a 4 day trip back to Florida and make arrangements there. Right now, that is looking like our best plan.

We look to have an excellent weather window back to Bimini or West End in two days, and another day to check out and make our way back to Florida. Hopefully we can find a place to lift us out on a quick turnaround somewhere between Miami and Palm Beach in a week to ten days, and then back to travels…

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1 Response to Fun… and (Minor) Problems.

  1. Lisa McKenzie says:

    Bummer. Glad you found it at a relatively opportune time, though.


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