Fishing from a Cruising Sailboat.

This is a new page, in early 2019 and is under development. Here is where I will collect both our blog posts, and original pieces on our fishing techniques and tackle. Hopefully we can give out some information that is helpful, or at the very least entertain you with our stories.

The first blog post I’ll link to here can only be called “Beginner’s Luck.” Relatively new to open ocean trolling, I had never caught a wahoo before. My setup was the best that I could make it based on everything I could read and assimilate. Turns out, it must have been about right, because a lot of successful wahoo fishermen will go many years without catching one this big…

They don’t make wahoo this big very often!

You can read the whole story here: Wahoo!!!

We have been more and more successful with what is known as “deep drop” fishing. How deep is deep? Putting aside the philosophical question, for me “deep” is more than 200 feet. Our typical success with this technique comes at depths of 400 to 1000 feet. Usually the specialized tackle for these depths is very expensive, but we have a short cut that lets us fish these depths without a lot of work, or a lot of moneyCheck it out!


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