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We have a new satellite phone number and email address as of 18-Dec-2018. The following has been updated to reflect the change!

Thanks to modern technology, we will rarely be totally unreachable for long periods. It is, however, unrealistic to expect a message to reach us right away, and do not expect to get an instant reply if we are away from shore or just not in the first world.

If we are not out on the ocean you can send us an email to our regular email addresses.  GreatKetch(a) is read whenever we have an internet connection.

If we are in the USA you can certainly try our phones! Most places we go have cell service, but not all.  Bill’s phone (1-415-488- 6755)is run through Google Fi, and should work in every country we expect to visit.

If we are out on the ocean, we can send and receive 140 character text messages for free from our satellite phone service. When we are sailing, this is by far the best way to get in touch. Since it’s free, we’re happy to hear from you!

You can access the same system by email which is better for longer messages, and also free.  Avoid sending photos and large attachments, they take forever to receive over the satellite link! Send to billknny(a) When we are out on the ocean, we normally pick up email once a day, when we do our blog post.

Unlike text messages, satphone voice calls are not free and the chances of catching us when the phone is on are pretty low, but it is the same number as above for text messages. Voice mail doesn’t work well, text messages are much more efficient.

If you are a fellow cruiser, you might get in touch with us by SSB, our MMSI number is 368640000, call sign WDI 8494.  We have an Icom 710, so no DSC capabilities.

4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Kim Royer says:

    Hi, catching up on your blog! Absolutely fabulous. I moved to the desert 01/01/2018. Seems Las Vegas is quite serious about trauma centers & wanted this “seasoned” gal’s experience. On a good note, I hope to fly out to sail SF in July. Wondered if you know if the instructor, Trevor Steele still teaches & about? Safe sails… Kim Royer


    • Bill Kinney says:

      Good to hear you are in a good situation, if a bit far from water! Last time I saw, Trevor was working as the head of instruction at OCSC these days. I don’t know if he is on the water teaching as well.


  2. Chucksters says:

    Hi Sailors,
    Mary & I will be in Oahu Apr. 15th 2016, will you guys still be there ?


  3. Trevor says:

    Bill….what about that fabulous Dynema rigging ???? No mention!


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