Where are we now?

Since leaving Richmond, CA in early 2016 we have sailed:

37,101 Nautical Miles as of 18Sept2021

We have two maps that might be of interest to people. One has our most current position as generated by our satellite phone system.  It is normally automatically updated about once an hour or so.  The downside is that data older than three months disappears, but it is handy for knowing where we are when we are out of normal communication range.

Where we are RIGHT NOW:


Where we have been:

The second link is a record of all our voyages since we left Richmond, California on our old boat beginning back in August of 2015.  This is manually uploaded and edited, so it might not always be totally current.  I’ll also try to add more of the fancier features that Google Earth has as I get time. (Last update:  18SEP2021)

Feel free to zoom and scroll around.  You can’t break anything!

4 Responses to Where are we now?

  1. Jack Mason says:

    I’m an old Kearny pal of your dad
    In my dotage here in on Pawleys Island SC
    I enjoy my cell phone connection with Bill and now can add to that enjoyment reading about your remarkable sailing odyssey


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