So you want to visit?

We do enjoy hosting guests.  For people who are new to cruising sailboats, we have a couple of suggestions that will make your vacation with us easier and more fun for you (and us!)  Please, always feel free to ask questions.

  • Less is more.  We can do laundry on board.  The fewer clothes you bring–the better. No fancy dress needed.  Think beach-bum style, and you will do fine.
  • Shoes will likely get wet with salt water at some point.  Shoes with any kind of leather are probably a bad idea.
  • Do bring: Hats, sunglasses, camera gear, snorkel gear, water shoes.  If you require medications, be sure to bring them along.  They will be difficult or impossible to replace most places we go.
  • Things like soap, shampoo, sunscreen, and bug spray we have on board.  Don’t feel you need to bring your own unless you are in need of something specific.
  • We will be shopping where the locals shop and eating what they eat, by and large. If you have special food needs, let us know ahead of time.  Preferably WAY ahead of time so we can let you know what level of accommodation is possible.
  • Luggage should be soft.  Duffle bags and such.  We have no good place to put hard-sided suitcases.  Sharing your bed with a suitcase that does not collapse and fold away isn’t much fun.
  • You probably already know if you tend to get seasick.  For most people, the best option is a prescription for a scopolamine patch which is good for three days. Talk to your doctor. We do have Dramamine and other oral medications onboard for short term solutions.
  • Always be aware that sailboats travel at the whim of the weather.  We can tell you WHEN we can meet you, or WHERE we can meet you, but it might not always be possible to give an exact time AND place with certainty.  We have found that in most places short notice, one way, airfares do not always carry the same price premium they used to. A little flexibility in your travel plans will result is a large decrease in stress levels.
  • Knowledge of how a sailboat works is not important. We can comfortably handle the boat by ourselves. You can sit back and relax, or help as much as you want.