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Sailing again.

We are off again! A day or two of waiting for the weather to settle, and we found a good time to get out of San Diego on Thursday, Oct 30. It was a breezy afternoon, and we made good … Continue reading

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Fixing the Hole in the Boat

A hole in the boat? Well, sometimes they are needed.  This one is where the anchor chain drops down through the deck into the chain locker through the “chainpipe”.  A simple system, and one that mostly works well.  The windlass … Continue reading

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Keep the Radio On!

San Diego is such a big Navy port, there is all kinds of activity involving the big gray ships that is it best to stay far away from. When I sailed in San Francisco Bay, I would have my VHF … Continue reading

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Time is getting short in San Diego

We are coming to the end of our time here in San Diego.  Boat projects and repairs are about wound up.  Our target departure date in the middle of next week, depending of course on the details of the weather. … Continue reading

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Military Intelligence

On a pier here in San Diego Bay that belongs to the Navy there is a stack of prefabricated offices.  The building-block structure is festooned with fancy cameras, radar antennas, and a bunch of high-tech looking stuff that must be … Continue reading

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And you thought Seagulls were bad?

If you have ever kept a boat docked around saltwater you know the war that boat owners are constantly waging against seagulls and related birds.  They think boats make perfectly good bedrooms, which wouldn’t be too bad, but they also … Continue reading

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Sailing: Yesterday and Tomorrow?

One of the things that I have learned about San Diego is that it is more of a sailing town than San Francisco.  I don’t think there are more boats here, but there are more boats per capita, and way … Continue reading

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Hopefully we’ll have more excitment soon…

We haven’t had a lot to update because we have been so busy with various boat projects.  Things have been moving along well.  The new electronic autopilot should be working tomorrow, along with the repaired windvane steering system.  Lots of … Continue reading

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Violating the Marine Mammal Protection Act…

We have had a noisy neighbor here on the docks for the past week. Mostly he keeps to himself, but if you get too close he can get decidedly ornery. The other day a small fishing boat cleaned a wahoo … Continue reading

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