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Back in the USA

After our crazy weather experience at anchor a few days ago, we had a delightful sail back to the coast of Florida. For several months we have been sailing INTO the prevailing wind, and getting the chance to sail downwind … Continue reading

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Oh Wow!

We hunkered down in this small and protected harbor because we knew “weather” was coming. Royal Island Harbor is small, roughly 1 mile from east to west and a quarter that north to south, and closed in except for a … Continue reading

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Famous Neighbors…

We are anchored off of Spanish Wells in Royal Island Harbor. This is a tiny little bay that is unusual in this area of the Bahamas because it is an anchorage with excellent protection from wind and waves from all … Continue reading

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Plans… Plans… Plans…

In our onshore excursion today we did take an extended walk across the island away from the main road. See below for the circumstances around that time killing exercise. The variety of plants that grow here is astounding. Including plants … Continue reading

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Stalking the Wild Flamingo

From our position anchored in Abraham’s Bay in Mayaguana, Bahamas we looked over toward town. From the distance we could see the Red Mangrove trees along the shoreline, but the roots of the trees looked unusually red. A quick look … Continue reading

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Mayaguana and Pictures

If you are reading this on email or Facebook you might want to click through to to see all the photos. We left the uninhabited island of West Plana Cay yesterday morning and arrived at the barely inhabited (pop: … Continue reading

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On to the Plana Cays

Like I said in the last post… when the weather agrees, you go along! From our anchorage at Acklins Island we had some successes and some disappointments. Our first day, we spent fishing. We trolled lures all along the edge … Continue reading

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