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Going While the Going is Good

When the weather cooperates, you have to take advantage! We left Georgetown, where we were surrounded by hundreds of other boats, and ended up, 24 hours later, anchored off the southeast corner of Acklins Island in a place a world … Continue reading

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Shipping Fun

If you have been following, we have been lingering around Georgetown in a effort to get a new thermostat for one of our refrigerators. It turns out that the new electronic thermostats are inexpensive (less than $15 each) so we … Continue reading

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Now that we have arrived back in the crowded harbor at Georgetown, I can post the pictures I promised! We’ll start with some random shots from our explorations on foot around Conception Island. And pictures from our deepwater fishing excursions… … Continue reading

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Return to “Civilization.”

After several days enjoying the remote beauty of Conception Island, it is time for us to return to Georgetown, get the deliveries that are supposed to be waiting for us, and then move on again. As if to hurry us … Continue reading

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The Best Eating Fish.

We have been anchored at Conception Island for several days now. A amazingly beautiful place. An uninhabited island, it is part of the Bahamian National Park system. It is actually a cluster of small islands on top of a large … Continue reading

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Moorings? or Anchored?

As we were getting ready to leave Georgetown a line of showers blew across the harbor. Heavy rain, and a clocking wind blowing up to 25 or 28 knots. A good breeze, but nothing we would consider violent. From our … Continue reading

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Different Strokes

Here in Georgetown the sailors we have met and talked to are about evenly divided between two points of view: “Isn’t this an awesome place?” and, “We can’t wait to get out of here!” We are definitely in Group #2. … Continue reading

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Fun with Fish, and a New Place.

We took a roundabout route to go from Black Point to Georgetown. We wanted to arrive in Georgetown to enter an inlet that has a reputation as dangerous during daylight, and the trip is about 10 hours. So we left … Continue reading

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More on Exuma Park

We are currently anchored off of Black Point Settlement, on Great Guana Cay in the Central Exuma Islands. See our current paths here: If anybody has been paying (Very) close attention, to my rantings here, you might be thinking, … Continue reading

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