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What to Use to Catch Fish?

If you have any familiarity with fishing or fisherman you know everybody has there own favorite lure to use.  Favorite type, or colors, or brand name.  The ONE that is the BEST and catches fish when nothing else will.  There … Continue reading

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The Weather Wimps of San Diego…

An actual headline from the local newspaper today:  “Sweltering Heatwave Grips San Diego!” It’s going to be…are you ready?… 85 Degrees!!!!  Such torture!  How will we survive? But aside from the local’s intolerance of a moderately warm day, it is … Continue reading

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Sometimes things are not exactly what they seem at first glance. While on “final approach” to Catalina Island, we were sailing due east before dawn.  It’s my watch, and we are on a good course between the various islands.  On … Continue reading

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Why watch?

Posted by Karen: This is a picture of a 40 foot sailboat exiting San Diego bay , that I took yesterday. The cargo vessel ( Bill says it’s a car carrier) is at least 800 feet long. A reminder of why we … Continue reading

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Fishing our way to San Diego

The trip from Catalina Island to San Diego was not much in the way of wind, we motored probably 2/3rds of the way. But it was productive… Fish on, again! This time it is a small Yellowfin Tuna, also known … Continue reading

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Today’s Quiz

Today is warm and sunny, just a trace of a breeze. Delightful really. We buzzed around the harbor in our dinghy getting pictures of boats, lunch in town, spent some time swimming, organizing for our time in port on the … Continue reading

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Plans and Technical Lessons Learned

Plans Our we’ll be packing up from Catalina Island in a few days. We’ll be heading over to San Diego where there is more infrastructure for repairs. Based on email exchange with the designer, it looks like I might be … Continue reading

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