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Hurry Up, Everybody!

I know it is unrealistic to expect everyone (anyone?) to care about our timelines.  But sometimes it seems like some vendors are in business just to drive us nuts. Our target date to get out of here and start our … Continue reading

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Party like it is 2099!

Hey, my GPS THINKS it is 2099, it must be time to PARTY! To understand this problem, you have to follow along for just a little bit on how the GPS system works.  Don’t worry, it won’t get TOO tech-y … Continue reading

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It Really is True!

We have commented from time to time about how visiting this boatyard in Fort Lauderdale sometimes makes us feel like a really small boat.  I know that some people (you know who you are!) have thought I might be guilty … Continue reading

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Anchors, New, Newer, Newest

I have written before about anchoring techniques, now a bit more about the equipment involved. In the last 30 years anchors for cruising boats have undergone a huge generational shift.  The “go-to” anchor in 1990 was the CQR Plow, or … Continue reading

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It Must be Florida When…

Florida has become the closest thing we have to a home base, and we have spent a fair amount of time here over the past few years.  It seems only natural that we share our observations about how you know … Continue reading

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