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Current Location: 25 09.3N 73 04.7W Distance from San Salvador: 103 NM. Distance from Culebra: 600NM Local time: 08:39 Weather: Cloudy, Wind 18E, Seas 5-6 feet I believe I talked bout how we were going to have a pretty easy … Continue reading

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In–and Out–of San Salvador

San Salvador is generally considered to be the island where Columbus first landed in the New World, although there is a never ending dispute about it. It rises with sheer walls out of the deep ocean, the dropoff to water … Continue reading

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The “Thorny Path”

The route due east from Florida to the leeward islands of the Caribbean has long been known to sailors as the “Thorny Path.” The reason is that it is mostly straight into the tradewinds that (more or less) blow straight … Continue reading

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Enough of this Goofing Off…

Time to get to work. The next destination for us is a place we have been before, the island of Culibra. Politically, it is part of Puerto Rico (and hence, the USA), geographically it is one of the “Spanish Virgin … Continue reading

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Boat Cooking

Cooking on a boat is just like cooking at home… except it is not. Space is very limited. Storage space for dry goods, Cold storage, Stove top, and Oven space are all at a premium. If you are cruising to … Continue reading

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The Mighty Conch

If there is one food that comes close to defining the Bahamian cuisine in the mind of most travelers, it it the Queen conch. Conch fritters, “Cracked” (i.e., fried) conch, Conch bisque, Conch salad. The conch is a very large … Continue reading

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The Outer Out Islands

We continue to slowly make our way down along the Ragged Islands, also known as the Jumemtos, of the Southeastern Bahamas. This stretch of small cays is uninhabited except for transient fisherman who harvest conch, lobster, and grouper from the … Continue reading

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Everybody talks about it…

The weather, of course! Much more than most land-based people (you farmers excepted!) we pay a LOT of attention to the weather. The prevailing winds in the the Bahamas are from the east. Sometimes a bit north of east, sometimes … Continue reading

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The Shopping Mecca!

Well… that might be overstating things a tiny bit. But we have migrated to Georgetown on Great Exuma Island, which I think I can say without argument has the best grocery shopping for 150 miles in any direction, at least … Continue reading

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Rock Sound, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Rock Sound near the southern end of the long island of Eleuthera is actually looking up these days. In the Bahamas there seems to be a rule that you never actually remove an old building, you just abandon its and … Continue reading

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