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Happy Holidays!

Some of our friends and readers are in warm places, some are struggling with (or maybe even enjoying?) an unusually cold and snowy holiday. No matter what your weather, stay safe and enjoy! No matter if Santa comes down your … Continue reading

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And That Is Done!

One of the fun things I get to do is work with people who are new to Amels. Sometimes it is their first “big” boat. I have been there, and I know the complexities can seem overwhelming. I try hard … Continue reading

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if Fast is Fun..

If fast is fun, we are having a ball! With 17 to 20 knots of wind on the beam, we are barreling through the water at 9 to over 10 knots. Skies are clear, with a bright moon. The sea … Continue reading

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Off Honduras

The delivery of this Amel Super Maramu continues to go well. A few teething problems, but a lot less than you might expect from a boat that has been docked for five years. The new owners did a great job … Continue reading

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Finally, Sailing!

The delivery process so far has been smooth. Travel to the Islands of Panama went smoothly, and without a hitch. We got underway pretty much right on schedule after filling the tanks with water and fuel. As is normally expected, … Continue reading

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Island Hopping

I (Bill) am off on a long delivery of an Amel Super Maramu. The boat is currently in Bocas del Toro, Panama and it will end up in Corpus Christi, Texas, about a fortnight’s sail. Of course, I am not … Continue reading

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Back in France.

Now that we are past the first of November, our insurance company has released us from the box they keep us in for hurricane season. We have left the islands of Grenada behind, and traveled north to Martinique, one of … Continue reading

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According to Plan

Changing the main engine room seacock. Continue reading

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Time to Move On

Our time here on Grenada is coming to a close. It has been truly a delightful place to visit. To all of our friends who recommended this as a place to spend “hurricane season,” thank you very much. It is … Continue reading

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The Seamonster’s Revenge

It’s a rule: When you fish in places most other people do not, you catch things most other people do not. If you have followed our fishing explorations at all, you have seen that we have extended our fishing world … Continue reading

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