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More Interesting Bits from the Out Islands.

The people we met on West Plana who were there making their living harvesting cascarilla bark had a lot of interesting things to teach us. These are the kinds of people you only meet if you travel the way we … Continue reading

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Karen: Ace Beachcomber

I promised that we’d post some photos from the last few weeks once we got a proper internet connection… here is the first photo album… One of Karen’s passions has always been walking a beach looking for “treasure.” The longer … Continue reading

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We were motoring the dinghy across the lagoon on the south side of Samana Cay when ahead of us we saw the shadow of a solitary bottle nose dolphin in the clear water. Almost at the same time, he took … Continue reading

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Samana Cay

Our grand plan is to migrate back to the east cost of the USA beginning this week. Our first landfall there will be in Brunswick, GA. We’ll take the opportunity there to park Harmonie for a week and visit some … Continue reading

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Destination: Plana Cays!

Our destination for this trip has been the uninhabited Bahamian islands of East and West Plana. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon off West Plana, and dropped anchor. The weather forecast for the foreseeable future is pretty much the same: East … Continue reading

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One of THOSE Days!

Some old sayings have more truth in them than others. One of the most true is, “A bad day fishing is better than a good day working.” By any objective measure, our day fishing wasn’t great, but it was still … Continue reading

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“Super” Georgetown

On our random walk through the Bahamas we passed through Georgetown, the largest town in the Exumas. It is a very different place this year, and in strange ways. Last time we were here, there were close to 200 cruising … Continue reading

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Over to the Park

Pretty much a perfect day out of Cape Eleuthera on our way to the Exuma Land and Sea Park on the island of Wardrick Wells. We landed a mahi-mahi to restock the freezer, we sailed without needing to motor at … Continue reading

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Bahamas Islands

Bahama islands come in three flavors. “Out Islands,” “Family Islands,” and then the others. The “Others” are pretty easy to pick out. The are the crowded, urban, islands with the big cites. New Providence (which has Nassau) and Grand Bahama … Continue reading

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Back in The Bahamas!

Moving south and east from Florida is frequently a challenge. The usual direction of the wind is from the East or Southeast, right on the nose. This trip was no different. You have a choice of a lot of tacking … Continue reading

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