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More with Insurance…

We are having had soooo much fun with boat insurance. We are learning a lot, and are rapidly weeding out policies based on what we are learning about insurance companies, their policies, and their brokers. Not a lot of what … Continue reading

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You haven’t seen a lot of postings here from us for the past several weeks. We have been BUSY. This has been the most intense (and expensive!) maintenance and project stopover we have yet had on Harmonie. She is getting … Continue reading

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Insurance Examples

A few days ago we started seriously searching for a new insurance policy because our old underwriters have quit the business. We are shopping with nine different insurance companies and been learning a lot. Reading through policy language is tedious, … Continue reading

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Keeping the engine ticking

We arrived here in Fort Lauderdale knowing we needed either a new or rebuilt transmission. That was as expected. Getting a new one was the cost effective thing to do. Of course, it’s a boat, so there is ALWAYS something … Continue reading

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Everybody Hates Insurance Companies…

We have had the same insurance brand for as long as we have owned Harmonie. Up until a few days ago, all was well. We sent them money and they… well… they took it promptly and efficiently. If you have … Continue reading

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Back in the Water Again!

On a rainy morning the day before Christmas Eve, we got the Christmas present we were really wanting, and Harmonie was picked up and dropped back in the water.  We are not yet finished with the projects, by any means, … Continue reading

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Another Really Busy Maintenance Season.

Harmonie (like the rest of us) is getting older.  As she ages, she takes more maintenance and care to keep in good shape (like the rest of us!)  We have ended up with three major repair projects this season.  We … Continue reading

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