Like a Squirrel Crossing the Freeway

Almost like they didn’t want us to leave…

San Francisco is a busy port, not busy like New York, or Los Angeles, but busy.  Despite that, you can sail most of a day in San Francisco Bay and not see a large ship moving around.  Of course the law of averages says that at other times it gets REALLY busy. Like when we were leaving…


Stay out of his way!

Between the time we when under the Golden Gate bridge and the time we cleared Point Bonita and were well and truly out in the ocean, a distance of maybe 2 miles, we had to dodge a tanker, three tugs with towed barges, a container ship and a bulk carrier.  The analogy with the squirrel and the car isn’t too far out of whack.  If a fat and happy squirrel weighs about a pound, and a car weighs 2000 lbs:  a 2000 to one ratio.  We weight 13 tons, some of these large ships outweigh us by a factor of more than 20,000.  We’d do less damage to them in a collision than that squirrel did to your car…

But we made it safe and sound, and finally see the west side of the Golden Gate Bridge, for the last time for a long while!


I am not a big fan of the “selfie” but sometimes there just isn’t any other way!

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1 Response to Like a Squirrel Crossing the Freeway

  1. Trevor says:

    Thats the pic we’ve been waiting for


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