Dodge ’em…

What good is a weather forecast more than a week out?  Not much…  but that is a bit different than worth nothing at all.

The National Weather Service computer models run out for 14 days.  Anything past 5 days is considered “highly speculative”. With that said, here is a little picture of the computer model’s wind output plotted with out planned route and our expected position 10 days from now…

Wind Forecast for Sunday, September 6

Wind Forecast for Sunday, September 6

My thinking today is we hang out along the coast for a few days until the forecast changes and the nastiness goes away, or it blows by.  If they have space for us here in Monterey we’ll hang here for a few days, if not we’ll make our way further south along the coast.

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2 Responses to Dodge ’em…

  1. kls6917 says:



  2. Karen Smith says:

    Hi Karen Smith!
    Lisa Weisskirch Sphatt is a former co-worker at Macy’s & FB friend. She liked your FB post yesterday and I was intrigued since I am also a sailor & my name is Karen Smith! I decided to sign up for your blog to follow your sailing adventure. My husband, Bruce, & I sail on our Tarten 35 out of Port Superior Marina in the Apostle Islands. It will be especially fun to follow you since I’m at home with a broken right foot due to an accident while docking the boat in high winds last Saturday. Unfortunately sailing season is done for me this year because the boat comes out of the water in early October & no weight bearing on my right foot for 6 weeks. It is a short sailing season in the north country!
    I wish you safe travels & look forward to sharing in your adventure.
    Karen Smith


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