Not as big an ocean as you might think.

Right now as I write this there are four ships showing up on my instruments within 25 miles. There was not a minute all day where we had fewer that two within range. Not all of them came close enough for visual contact, but that is way more traffic than I expected.

We are seeing so many here and now because we are crossing the main shipping lane from China, Japan, and Korea to the western end of the Panama Canal. That’s an awful lot of “stuff” moving around!

So far this trip while out on the open ocean we have had to alter course once to keep a safe distance from a cargo ship.

A great day of progress. We are now about 300 miles from the coast. The wind has been very cooperative all day, hopefully that will continue for the next couple of days.

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2 Responses to Not as big an ocean as you might think.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that was fast…what are your plans once you arrive? Surfing Waikiki? Fish for Marlin?


  2. Lisa says:

    An uninformed glance at your AIS position makes me think that you are now on the east side of that busy shipping channel, is that a correct interpretation?


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