What to Use to Catch Fish?

If you have any familiarity with fishing or fisherman you know everybody has there own favorite lure to use.  Favorite type, or colors, or brand name.  The ONE that is the BEST IMG_1886and catches fish when nothing else will.  There are endless fights at fisherman bars about what the best color to use on sunny days, on cloudy days, at night, and so on and so on.  Here is a picture or one small corner of a tackle store.  The variety can be mind-numbing.  Everything from the hottest of hot pink to lures that glow in the dark.  We have caught a few on some of these colorful plastic creations, but they haven’t been our most productive

What have we caught most of our fish on?  Well…  it’s not flashy or fancy.  lures exactly like it have been DSCN0794around and catching fish for literally a hundred years. Yes, it is made of unpainted wood.  Traditionally of red cedar, hence its name as a “cedar plug”.  I’ll bet the fish don’t actually care if it is cedar, or oak or pine! You can get them in all kinds of fancy colors, but the raw version seems to be doing fine for us. This one has lots of teeth marks on it.

When it is towed behind the boat it is a bit more interesting than you you might think based on its shape.  It darts and dances from side to side, and sometimes splashes at the surface.  For a fish looking up from below, I am sure it presents as a darting silhouette no matter what it’s color. I have no idea what the fish might think it is, as long as they want to eat it!

A quick update on our critical projects.  I have the critical parts for the wind vane steering, although I have a bit fussing to put things back together.  The electronic autopilot parts are on their way.  We have been doing a bunch of “nice to have” projects while we are waiting here.  Things that have been on the list for a long time, and are just so easy to do here were all the vendors are nearby.

I hate to make a prediction, but it looks like anther 2 weeks and we’ll be back out to blue water.

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1 Response to What to Use to Catch Fish?

  1. Kevan says:

    Bill – It continues to be a pleasure to follow your journey. I am currently in Mexico and if I were back in time I’d come to San Diego to see you. (returning in November). Keep up the posts. – Kevan


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