mostly uneventful…

The wind continues to blow at the upper end of what is “comfortable”, 20 to 25 knots. The longer the wind blows, the bigger the waves get, and they have got big! Nothing scary, more impressive. I’d guess they are running 12 to 15 feet. The view from the top of the largest waves is quite amazing . They do throw the boat around a fair bit, and moving around the cabin requires care and a good handhold.

The weather models keep saying the wind should be calming a bit. If they keep saying it, it might eventually be right!

The excitement for the day was a burnt out motor on a bilge pump. Not a critical piece of equipment, I have spares, but… If you want to get a sailor’s attention in a hurry have the smell of something burning pervade the cabin while out in the middle of the ocean! It only took a minute to find the source of the smell and get things safely shutdown, but it certainly wasn’t a fun minute!

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2 Responses to mostly uneventful…

  1. Bill Kinney says:


    The water was actually rain water, and not much of it. We have a redundant bilge system, so losing one isn’t a big deal. The cause wasn’t too much water, it looks like just a mechanical failure of the motor.



  2. Curt Hagan says:

    Re: burned out bilge pump. Where’s all the water coming from? Stay safe.


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