Its Officialy an Urban Myth

For the past couple of days it has been a very empty ocean. After two days without a single contact, today we did have a cargo ship make his presence known on our plotter. Not coming any closer than 16 miles, we never had a visual contact. Every day we’ve had one huge graceful albatross glide by and check us out. One desiccated flying fish carcass on deck. And… That’s about it. Since we left the coast we haven’t seen but one airplane. Which brings me to the urban myth…

It circulates through the sailing community in San Francisco, and maybe other places. It comes in all sorts of varieties, like any good urban myth. The heart of this story is that you can find your way from California to Hawaii by following the contrails of jets carrying tourists to the islands. Like any good urban myth it sounds so plausible. I am here to tell you it is total balderdash. There are no contrails to follow, and you can’t see the jets. Now you know. If you cared!

We had a good day, covering 135 miles in 24 hours. 784 miles from San Diego, 1519 to go. Weather looks great, boat is performing without a hitch.

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