A day of contrasts

Last night was slow. Winds were light and in consistent. Never totally calm, but there were times where we struggled to keep the boat moving at more than 2 or 3 knots.

Most of the day was glorious. The first day we really had horizon to horizon blue sky. Not a lot of wind, but enough to move the boat steadily. Fishing lines out, ocean calm, boat sailing smooth and happy. Warm, but not hot. Pretty awesome!

Before lunch we hooked our first mahi-mahi. We get him up to the side of the boat and then lose him in a bit of a Chinese fire drill at boat side. It’s not easy getting these wild fish up on deck! He wasn’t a huge fish, maybe 15 pounds. A few minutes later before we get lines sorted out and back in the water Karen spies another one taking a pass at our teaser.

Shortly after we finish lunch: another bite. Right away it is obvious this is a bigger fish. Fifteen minutes later we have another mahi-mahi alongside. This time we both have a better idea of what to do, and soon we have a 30 pound bull mahi-mahi on deck and, shortly later, cleaned and in the fridge. (Pictures when we get to a real internet connection!)

A spectacular sunset capped a beautiful day. The evening weather forecast had a fast moving cold front developing nearby. It was not clear at the time if we we going to skirt it, or end up in the middle of it.

Now, at about 2AM, we know. The last couple of hours have been quite gnarly. Wind to 35 knots and buckets of rain. On the bright side we are moving fast! Hopefully it will settle down before too long.

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2 Responses to A day of contrasts

  1. Bill Kinney says:

    Thanks David! Glad you enjoy!


  2. David West says:

    Hey, Bill – I just want to let you know that I’m a big fan of your posts, reading them ever day and enjoying them greatly. The writing is as good as the posts are informative and the adventure grand. May it continue..for your sake and my reading pleasure!

    David (West)


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