Look Ma, No Jetlag!

Tomorrow morning we change our clocks for the second time on this trip, this time to Hawaii’i Standard time. Except for one lucky crew member getting an extra hour on their watch, the time zones slip by without the pains of jet travel.

From the perspective of the Navigator things are about to change. Navigation for most of this voyage has consisted of plotting a position once a day on the chart, deciding on a course for the next 24 hours, and that’s about it.

Tomorrow’s position plot will be the first on the first of the local scale Hawai’i charts. As we approach land, being “about here” is no longer good enough. More frequent fixes, more frequent decisions, just plain more busy.

We confirmed with the Ali Wai Marina by Satphone that we have a slip available, and now have our slip assignment. Between 4 and 5 days will have us on land again.

Today’s run was 132 nautical miles, with 587 as the crow flies to Honolulu. We have a little maneuvering to do to deal with the wind, so our distance to sail will be a bit longer than that.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy FACE!!! Almost there!

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