Land ho!

It is just shy of sunrise, and the flashing of Moloka’i Light has be visible for many hours. O’ahu is off our starboard bow, and Moloka’i to port as we are getting lined up on the Kaiwi Channel on the final approach to Honolulu. I can’ t yet see the shore in the dark, but the eastern coast of Moloka’i is bright on the radar screen just 12 miles away.

We where cheated out of seeing the peak of Haleakala on Maui yesterday by haze and fog. Right now it is clear, and the wind is only 15 knots, but a rather nasty looking line of showers is bearing down on us from the east. If they carry much wind, they might make or passage through the channel exciting.

In half an hour, the coast will be visible in daylight, in 8 hours we’ll be at the dock.

Yesterday we had the traditional sailor’s end of passage conversation about what you will do first on land:

Bill: A beer
Karen: An ice cream
Bill: Just enjoy standing up without holding on
Karen: A walk that is longer than 40 feet

So it is settled then. We are going to standup, then walk until I find beer and Karen finds ice cream.

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