Settling in…

We are getting adjusted to Island Life.  We are settled into the marina.  Here is the evening view from our deck…IMG_2115

It’s rough but SOMEBODY has to do it!

We have had the price shocks at the grocery store. $7.99 for a gallon of milk (Ouch!), $2.25 for a crappy little head of lettuce and so on.

The marina is nice, mostly.  It has a few “issues” but we have nice neighbors so all seems good.

So far our exploring has been limited to the urban environment around Waikiki as we try to find necessities within walking distance.

There are some boat projects we want to get done. It’s so different from San Diego where there were boat suppliers around every corner.  Here we have to plan ahead and any trip to the store is a project in and of itself.  Fortunately, Amazon delivers, and one of our first projects was to set up a local mailbox so we can get deliveries.

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3 Responses to Settling in…

  1. Bob Johnson says:

    Make sure to hike up Diamond Head. Fun hike, beautiful views. There’s a West Marine not too far away downtown. If you get tired of the hustle and bustle check out KoOlina Marina. We stayed there this summer on our way back. Very nice and much more peaceful. We rented a car once a week or so from Enterprise at the Hotel down there to shop and tour. There’re pictures on our blog.

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    • Bill Kinney says:

      Hi Bob!

      We have been loyal followers of your blog. If ours looks and reads a bit like yours, there is a good reason! (For anybody else, Bob and Ann’s adventures are at a very fun read!)

      Ko Olina wasn’t very welcoming when we first contacted them, before we left, but we might sail over there one day and pay a personal visit.

      We’ll be here longer than you were, so we’ll have time to explore the othere parts of this island, and some of the others.



      • Bob Johnson says:

        I forgot to mention Kaneohe. It’s a really nice area on the other side of the island. Completely different vibe. Almost rural. And beautiful. Looks like a different island. Yes, KoOlina are not very “diplomatic” specially on the phone or email, but once we got there we enjoyed it.


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