Just when I thought the weather never changed…

Our running joke here has been the weather forecast.  It has been the same every day.  82 or 82 for a high and 72 or 71 for a low. Then the big change-up, with the showers be “scattered”, or “isolated”?

But our forecast has now switched to “winter”. It is still 82 every day, but the forecast lows are all the way down to 65!  Oh! The horror!

I’m betting we aren’t getting much sympathy from the people who are living where there is real winter weather…

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1 Response to Just when I thought the weather never changed…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Bill and Karen–

    I’ve been following your posts with pleasure, succinct, insightful, and entertaining. Dorothy and I are just back from 9 days in Kona and your comment on the weather report reminded me of the Kona report when I lived here
    “Sunny mornings, partly cloudy in the afternoon, chance of showers over the volcano slopes, fair at night, gentle breezes” Day after day after day, after day…
    In 1979?, the Kona Chamber of Commerce counted the ‘nice’ days. The number they came up with was 345.

    Capt. Ray


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