Random Hawai’i Thoughts


One of the popular sports here, especially with the native Hawaiians, is racing outrigger canoes. Very skinny boats with an outrigger for balance they are usually crewed by one to six people, although much bigger ones are around.

Here in Ala Wai, Thursday evening is the “girl’s night” for practice and Friday is for the guys. They practice on the ocean, and up in the canal.  On days when the races are being held, the shoreline is lined with  spectators running along with the boats, cheering loudly for their favorite team.

Another popular pastime here is the SUP, or Standup Paddle Board.DSCN0824 Basically a beefy surfboard you stand on and propel with a long paddle.  In rougher open water, they are the provenance of the young athletic crowd.  In quieter backwater lagoons everybody plays along, some a bit less athletic than others.

And finally for today is the story of our new neighbor.  A few days ago a new boat was making its way into the harbor, and coming in to tie up.  Our immediate neighbor, being alert and ready, jumped up onto the dock to catch lines and help them in.  He was in for a bit of a surprise.

The boat was being single handed by an athletic woman maybe in her mid forties. Nothing too surprising yet, except she was, as our British friends might say, totally starkers.  Yep.  Not even a pair of sandals on her feet.   Without a stitch on she tied up her boat and settled it into its spot on the dock. You meet all kinds on the docks.  Sorry.  No pictures.

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