Another First

Today we are off on our first real sail on the new boat.  Dock space is so expensive here int he Fort Lauderdale neighborhood that hitting the road makes sense.  Our destination will be the Ocean Club Marina in Cape Canaveral, about 200 miles north.

We have been holding here for a few days waiting for the weather to settle, and today looks perfect for a fast sail north.  Everything on the boat has worked flawlessly at the dock so far, but as the famous Captain Ron so elegantly put it, if something is going wrong, it’s going wrong out there!  (If you don’t know that reference, go look up the eponymous movie, and have a good laugh…)

We have full fuel tank, and full water tank, and are excited to get going!  The weather routing software is predicting a very fast trip with the Gulf Stream pushing us along as well as a stiff following breeze.  we are timing our departure so we arrive at the new marina after sunrise tomorrow.



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1 Response to Another First

  1. Marlys says:

    Wishing you a lovely first sail…..PICTURES PLEASE! When you can!


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