We are ready but…

We are still here in Waikiki…  But just for the night.

We took the boat out today and filled fuel and water tanks. Just to give you an idea of the Hawaiian idea of customer service, the fuel dock is open from 8AM to 2PM.  That’s it.  And this is the only boat fuel on this side of the island!   We sent Steve off to a job interview on the other side of the island. Which by all reports went very well, so well worth a bit of delay.

Back in Ala Wai we set up a “last land meal” of steak, potatoes and creamed spinach.  Instead of heading out to sea just before dark, we all “voted” and decided that an extra beer would be a better idea and we could leave in the early AM. My next report will be by satphone from the Pacific ocean, I promise!



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2 Responses to We are ready but…

  1. Kevan says:

    I wish I were with you guys


  2. kls6917 says:

    Fair winds!!!!!!


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