Things are set to change.

Time: 0620 local
Lat: 28 57
Log: 156 33
Distance from Hawaii: 466
Distance to Golden Gate: 1777

Ever since we left Hawaii we have been sailing as close to the Northeast Tradewinds as we can. The Tradewinds in the northeast Pacific Ocean blow consistently from the northeast or east. Our objective is to get north of the Pacific High. A more or less permanent region of fair skies, moderate temperatures, and no wind. Once north of the high, we should encounter the prevailing westerlies. A region where the wind blows mostly from the west, a weather pattern we hope to ride into the California coast.

All the weather models agree that sometime late tomorrow we will encounter a weather front approaching from the northwest that will mark this transition for us. Once the front passes, the winds will switch from the northeast to the westnorthwest, and we will be making a course more directly towards San Francisco.

Our local conditions are now cooler. Morning temperatures are now in the low 60s. After time in Hawaii, that feels positively chilly. The winds a bit lighter, but we continue to make boat speeds of about 6 knots. Sunny and clear. Every day has us visited by several albatrosses.

No significant damage to boat or crew, everything is running smoothly.

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  1. kls6917 says:

    Be safe, please!


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