Slow day…

Time: 0630 local
Lat: 32 02
Log: 154 30
Distance from Hawaii: 671
Distance to Golden Gate: 1605
24 hour distance made good: 87 nautical miles

Yesterday’s morning weather forecast reflected a bit of wishful thinking. Instead of a wind shift to the northwest we spent much of the day sitting waiting for wind, making it our slowest 24 hours yet. Despite that, we still managed a run of 87 miles.

Rather than issue a definite forecast for wind today, I’ll just say, “I hope for a change…”

The two most exciting events for the day:

1: Contacting the cargo ship that was 10 miles away and asking him to change course to avoid running us down while we were barely moving. He did so. The ocean isn’t so big that two ships can’t occupy the same spot at the same time, and since he out weighs us by 10,000 times, he’d win that argument. My general rule is to do something to avoid a ship if the computer reports a closest point of approach of 1 mile or less. In this case it was reporting a CPA of 1.1 FEET before he turned.

2: After I settled in for my 00:00 to 02:00 watch, I heard a whale go by in the dark. Several deep, almost explosive, exchanges of air as a huge animal takes a deep breath. Very eerie in the dark.

Everybody and everything continue to get along well. If you know a good wind dance, now would be the time to do it to spare us the frustration of another day of bobbing.

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1 Response to Slow day…

  1. Dale says:

    I enjoy reading your updates, Bill. Thank you.


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