Back to sea!

The boat is ready!  We are ready!  The weather is looking good!

It looks like we are set for a departure tomorrow (Monday the 20th) morning for a trip north along the coast.  Our destination is Sandy Hook Marina in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.  The models are forecasting a trip of about 5 1/2 days to cover the nearly 800 miles.  That seems a bit optimistic, but we will have the Gulf Stream pushing us along for most of the trip, so over 100 miles a day is not totally unreasonable.

As usual, I will try to post here at least once a day, and as usual, don’t worry about us if a post doesn’t appear. Lots of things could interfere!

Hopefully the fish will cooperate.  Out in the Gulf Stream and just out past it they have been catching quite a few yellowfin tuna.  A freezer full of tuna steaks would be a welcome way to arrive at the end of our trip!

We are looking forward to leaving the land of heat, humidity, and bugs.

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