The home stretch

Time: 10:10 local
Lat: 37 33N
Log: 73 03W
Distance from Port Canaveral: 667NM
Distance to Sandy Hook Bay Marina: 176NM

The models have us arriving at the Marina between 1 and 6 PM tomorrow.

Right now we are motoring between weather systems, bright sun, flat sea, and no wind. If the forecasts are right, once we get back in the breeze again, it will be a straight line sail to the tip of Sandy Hook at the southern enterence of New York Harbor. Oddly, here 50 miles offshore we have suddenly been invaded by a variety of flies and bugs. I’m guessing they were blown offshore during last night’s storms and are just happy to find a hard place to land.

We avoided the worst of the weather last night, but watched storms around us on radar and in the sky. A thunderstorm at sea is a dramatic visual event, and once you can tell on the radar it is not coming in your direction, it is even a pretty one.

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  1. Garyjones1 says:

    How long are planning to stay in New Jersey? Would love to come over, visit and catch up. Travel safe and smooth sailing. Gary Jones Cell 267-391-8258

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