A New Jersey Report…

For those of you who have followed our travels, we have been a bit quiet with posts recently.  My (Bill) family is almost all located within an hour’s drive of the marina where we have settled in, so a lot of time has been devoted to family and friends who I haven’t seen in a long time.  That’s my excuse for my lack of posting!

The marina here is nice, with a few caveats.  When they quoted a 7’6″ depth they were a bit optimistic.  Our 6’7″ draft bumps bottom when ever the tide is less than zero, and the entrance has a significant shallow spot I have found several times.  The marina is also right on the edge of the main channel in and out of the Shewsbury River, a very busy boat highway.  Even though it is marked as a “No Wake Zone” the locals seem to regard that as little more than a suggestion.  As a result we roll and bounce to boat and ferry wakes especially on a nice weekend day. From our dock we have a view across New York Harbor to Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

We have been out sailing a couple days since we got here, mostly to go fishing.  Slowly I am reacquiring the skill set need to catch the local aquatic culinary delight, the summer flounder, locally know as the “fluke”.

We have been making progress on a couple of boat projects. Yesterday was a bit of an unusual day.  I actually crossed more projects off the list than I added!  A cause for celebration.   We have a new dinghy, and I have worked out a safe, easy, and reliable system for going up the mast which was needed to repair our anemometer.

We are enjoying the weather here more than in Florida.  While there are days here when is it hot, those days are separated by days when the temperature stays below 85, and more importantly, at night it drops below 70!  The other night it went down to 62, a temperature lower than we have seen in many, many months.

Here is an example of our time use these days:  Tomorrow Karen is hopping on the ferry to Manhattan, and I am visiting my Dad and some of his friends. Saturday we are going to visit my brother in his new home, and Sunday we are sailing with some of my oldest and best friends.

We’ll be here for a couple of weeks before heading a bit further north.  We are expecting our first stop to be in Newport, RI.  Then further north as remaining summer time allows.





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