Around Newport

Getting to Newport is a pretty easy excursion from where we are.  First, get on the radio and put a call out to the boatyard launch.  They come out and pick you up and bring you to the dock.  From the dock, it is about a mile walk to Downtown Jamestown where you pick up the Newport Ferry. A 20 minute boat ride and you are right in the middle of downtown Newport. The ferry runs until 10:30PM, so we could make an evening of it.

This time of year the Newport waterfront is full of huge superyachts and fancy boats.  It is a delightful town, lots of colonial era buildings lovingly restored.

We walked around yesterday afternoon and finally picked a dinner spot.After we relaxed and ordered, I had a horrible thought, “What time does the boatyard launch service stop?” A quick consult, and we realized that although we had plenty of time to catch the ferry back to Jamestown, we were running out of time to catch the last launch out to the boat!  If we were not going to spend the night sleeping on the picnic tables in the boatyard parking lot, we needed to get back faster than the ferry could do!  Uber to the rescue!

Many times in our travels so far the Uber car service has been a lifeline.  Many of the drivers are interesting people, and the overall experience has been great. It has always been easier and cheaper than finding a local taxi.

I have attached some photos from our excursion yesterday.  Enjoy!  Hopefully I’ll be getting more tomorrow as we explore further.

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2 Responses to Around Newport

  1. Ted Thornton says:

    A friend from OCSC who is now living the life aboard his yacht and travelling up the USA east coast….

    Sent from Ted’s mobile device – sorry for any typos……


  2. marlys says:

    awesome pictures!


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