Road Trips!

We have been exploring some of the local area by rented car.  Beginning Karen’s education about the finer points of New England geography, flora, fauna, and culture.  She has already noticed an important trend:  The further north you go the cheaper you can get a good lobster roll!

One of our stops was in Worcester to get a part for our transmission. A few minutes of conversation with the supplier, and he gave us his phone number and said if we were out by Block Island this weekend to give hime a call and he’d give us a tour of the island.

We have left the Dutch Harbor mooring field, and are now anchored just a few hundred yards north of there, still just west of Jamestown. Since we are not paying for the mooring, we no longer have the launch service, instead we have to get to shore with our own dinghy. We did a provisioning run this afternoon, so our food stocks are good, and I have some materials for projects to upgrade our engine installation.

We’ll be heading a bit further into the bay tomorrow to top off our diesel tanks for the first time since Florida.  Depending on what time we get that finished, we might head out to Block Island tomorrow afternoon, or maybe Friday morning.  The weather has been beautiful and the forecast continues to be delightful. We have been very much enjoying the cooler northern climate.  It was cool enough we had to put TWO blankets on the bed last night!

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