Windy… and a Project

Windy, but not too bad.  Not too much rain–yet–either.

Winds this afternoon have been 25 gusting to the low 30’s.  If we were back in San Francisco Bay, it would be just a good windy afternoon for sailing.  We’ll likely be settled in here for a few days waiting for this to, errrr, “blow over.”  Wednesday afternoon, or Thursday morning will have us underway again.

One of the few things to have frustrated me about Harmonie’s set up has been the dodger.  The canvas hood that screens the cockpit from wind and spray.  That it does very well, and we are thankful for it.  The problem is that is also completely screens the sails from view of the person sitting at the helm.  I am enough of an old-fashioned sailor that I really feel I need to be able to see my sails to do a good job of sailing the boat.

So one of the projects on our project board for a while has been “adding a window to the IMG_2357dodger”.  Today we got it started–and finished. I keep a sewing machine on the boat for just such projects, and this one went off without a hitch.  In nicer weather, we might have spread out on deck for this project, but that wasn’t an option today so the main saloon was our workspace.  There is one seam I wish was straighter, but except for that, it is a job I’d have been happy paying for.


It came out awesomely, if I say so myself!  Now I can trim sails from the comfort of the helm seat without stretching my neck, or needing help.

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2 Responses to Windy… and a Project

  1. Bill Kinney says:

    Hi Jay,

    I use a Sailrite LSZ-1. It is a zig-zag machine, but this project was all straight stitch. The key difference between this machine and your average home sewing machine is what they call a “walking foot” that helps with feeding multiple layers of slippery fabric. I sometimes wish it had more room under the arm, but that is more for convenience since I have made things as large as a mainsail for my old boat with it.



  2. Jay Bauer says:

    just curious Bill, what type of sewing machine are you using? Heavy duty, zigzag or something else?


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