The wind has failed us.

Time: 14:35 local
Lat: 38 16.0N
Log: 74 34.5 W
Distance from Newport: 244NM
Distance to Chesapeake Bay Entrance: 98NM

Another beautiful day on the ocean, except about mid morning we lost our wind. Since we were trolling fishing lines through fishy looking water, we fired up the engine and kept the boat moving.

Now, there are many strategies to getting fish to bite. I elected to employ one of the classic ones. I put my head down for a nap. Moments later, one of the fishing reels was screaming as a fish pulled line off in his best effort to get away. Five minutes later we had a nice bonito in the boat.

Back underway, and Karen spotted a small shark swimming alongside the boat. Between sharks, tuna, and dolphin we’ve had a steady stream of entertainment this trip.

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2 Responses to The wind has failed us.

  1. Bill Kinney says:

    That would be the cat food variety. Lots of fun to catch though! Actually come to think of it, having tried to eat one of these things, I am not sure I would even ask a cat to eat one. I am thinking crab bait might be their highest use…


  2. Jim Kinney says:

    Bonito as in the yummy kind, or false albacore as in cat food?


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