Seagull Control!

Time: 18:45 local
Lat: 38º 20.2’N
Log: 76º 27.6 W
Solomons Island, Maryland

Everybody who has a boat in or near saltwater has at one time or another done battle with seagulls. Seagulls like nothing better than to sit on boats.  Seagulls also consider all the world a bathroom, and boats are no exception.

Boatowners will try ANYTHING to chase the evil white devils away.  I have not seen anything that works all the time–until now!

What you need to chase away seagulls is: a pet bald eagle.  Hey, I didn’t say I had an EASY solution!  When the local eagles soar over the harbor, the seagulls go into a panic and scatter to the four winds.  I guess at least once in a while the eagles consider gulls a tasty lunchtime snack.

Our anchorage for today is quite different than yesterday.  Yesterday we were in an undeveloped cove, quiet and away from almost all signs of civilization.  Today we are in a busy recreational harbor with the shoreline completely ringed by marinas, hotels, and condos.  It’s nice, just in a very different way.

We came in well after dark, feeling our way slowly through the crowded harbor with radar, and searchlight.  More than a bit nerve-racking.   But we got the anchor down in a good comfortable spot.

While Karen took advantage of our civilized location to hike to the grocery store to replenish our stores, I did some routine maintenance on the boat.  Exciting things, like changing oil and zincs in the genset, and cleaning the seachest.

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