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What do you do all day?

I am sure every cruising sailor has heard that question from family and friends:  “What do you do all day?” I know I have heard it from some readers of this blog (You know who you are!). I think people imagine … Continue reading

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It was that one!

Yesterday, we had a delightful social day.  We meet with Nate Hathaway for lunch, a former associate of mine from when I was teaching sailing on the west coast.  He is now working on a W-class raceboat ( that is … Continue reading

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And we are off again…

After a leisurely afternoon sail down Narragansett Bay, and we are now set up on a mooring in Newport Harbor.  Sitting on Mooring Number 1, with a front row seat for the superyachts.  It’s a fun place to be. Suddenly … Continue reading

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Windy… and a Project

Windy, but not too bad.  Not too much rain–yet–either. Winds this afternoon have been 25 gusting to the low 30’s.  If we were back in San Francisco Bay, it would be just a good windy afternoon for sailing.  We’ll likely … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Day Here–So Far.

A breezy day, but one that we would categorize as a great sailing day rather than anything scary.  Monday morning is supposed to be when our roughest weather starts.  Local forecasts are for steady winds of 20 to 28 knots, with … Continue reading

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This is boring…

The day before yesterday we were the only boat anchored here Kickamuit River.  That let me pick the spot I liked best and get well settled in.  Over the last two days about a dozen other boats have trickled in … Continue reading

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Just waiting…

We are not in any significant danger from any of the forecast variations of what was (for a few hours at least) hurricane Hermine.  But that doesn’t mean we are quite completely off the hook either. Every tiny little wiggle … Continue reading

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