Final Approach

Time: 11:00 local
Lat: 32 53.2’N
Log: 79 01.5 W
Distance from Port Annapolis: 384 NM
Distance to Calaboge Sound: 102 NM

If the wind holds steady as it is forecast to do, we’ll be arriving at the entrance to Calaboge Sound at about 01:00 tomorrow morning. We should have the anchor down by 3 or 4. For those of you who will be in the local area, we’ll most likely be anchoring just north of Daufuskie Island.

Caliboge Sound has a very tricky entrance. Many shoals, not well marked, fairly strong currents, and not at all a straight and obvious way through. Normally not at all a place I’d try to go into at night, especially for the first time.

What will give us a large cushion in the wee, dark hours of tomorrow morning is the the tide will be high. With a height of tide of over 5 feet, even Harmonie’s draft of 6′ 7″ won’t be too scary. Add to that a flooding current to help keep the waves down, and it should be pretty straightforward. Once inside the Sound, the water is deep and navigation is pretty straightforward.

As always though, there is a “Plan B.” If for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all, I decide that the entrance to Caliboge is making me nervous, we can go into Port Royal Sound on the north side of Hilton Head which has a deeper and more easily negotiated channel.

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1 Response to Final Approach

  1. jdkinney08853 says:

    Another box showed up at the house yesterday, we brought it with us. Good luck on the approach.

    Place is pretty torn up, dock is destroyed, trees down might have to dock at south beach marina but not sure yet what shape they are in.


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