Racing Winter

Time: 14:15 local
Lat: 31 50.6′ N
Log: 80 45.8 W
Distance from Hilton Head Is: 18.1 NM
Distance to Port Everglades Harbor Entrance: 346 NM

We are back at sea again, headed south away from winter as fast as we can go. Karen checked weather forecasts this morning, looking at forecast low temperatures back along our route. Newport: 33; New Jersey: 36; Annapolis: 37; Hilton Head: 48; Fort Lauderdale: 68. I think we are headed south just in time!

Our initial leg out of Calibogue Sound, and the Savannah River approach channel was very rough in a confused sea heaped up by the strongly flowing tide. It’s a bit scary following the channel when you see breakers off to both sides, with a narrow gap of smoother water between that marks the only water deep enough to float your boat.

Now we are a bit offshore, the waves are more regular, and the wind is behind us. Right now the wind is blowing 15 to 17, and the forecast is for it to ease up a bit overnight. We are making 6 to 7 knots, on a deep broad reach, and all looks good for about a 72 hour trip to Fort Lauderdale.

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