The Most Interesting Thing Around

Time: 14:20 local
Lat: 27 54.9′ N
Log: 80 08.5′ W
Distance from Hilton Head Is: 256 NM
Distance to Port Everglades Harbor Entrance: 109 NM

What happens when you are the most interesting thing around? You get lots of attention! Today we have gotten a lot of attention from a pod of spotted dolphin. They have been hanging out and swimming with us pretty much the whole day. No good way to count, but certainly dozens. At any given time we have three to ten buzzing close around the boat keeping a close eye on us. We did get some pretty great video… better than my beginner editing skills should be working on!

In addition to the dolphins, our daily wildlife count includes a green sea turtle, two flying fish on deck, and a school of remoras that have adopted Harmonie‘s bottom as their temporary home.

Light winds have us making slow, but steady progress south. Wind has been straight from behind us between 8 and 14 knots. When we are on a run like this, 8 knots is barely enough to move the boat, 10 knots gets us about 3 knots of boat speed, and 14 knots has us cooking along nicely at 6 knots.

We are very much looking forward to getting our new “ballooner” sail, replacing the one we ripped on the way north. It makes running straight downwind like this fast, and really easy. It would be waiting for us in Fort Lauderdale.

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