Boat Disassembly

One of the things that have to be true in the world, is you have to take things apart before you can put them together!  Or, as my thermodynamics  professor might have said, entropy has to increase before the system’s order can increase.

I think today has seen our point of maximum entropy for the projects on this haulout.  Most things that need to come apart, have been disassembled, and are ready to go back together. A few of the smaller tasks have been completed and crossed completely off the list, and others are getting close to that point.

We have disassembled the bow thruster as part of its regular maintenance schedule for oil and seal changes.  I also removed its massive 24 volt electric motor to take to the local shop for evaluation.  These motors are no longer manufactured, so taking very careful care of this one seems like an excellent idea!

What’s on our list?  We have a couple of projects that we have contracted out, but here is a list of the ones we are doing ourselves.  In no particular order, and I am sure I am missing something!

  1. # Bow thruster maintenance, including electric motor inspection.
  2. # Raw water manifold disassembly and inspection.
  3. * New zincs on the rudder.
  4. Grease the feathering propeller.
  5. Install new speed sensor thru-hull fitting.
  6. * Improve installation of in-hull depth transducer.
  7. Install new instrument display.
  8. Delrin plate to protect deck from anchor chain.
  9. Mark both anchor rodes for length.
  10. Lubricate seacocks.
  11. Install second water pump.
  12. Install upgraded anchor wash pump.
  13. Tighten middle hatch support spring.
  14. # Wash and wax hull
  15. Paint transom bumper.
  16. * Straighten bent rail.

# -> started
* -> Done!

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