Launch Day!

Back in the water again.  All the underwater work is now for sure done, since the boat has been launched.  All the major things are working just fine. Everything left to do is not critical for our departure, but would be nice to get done while we are here with an extensive marine supply infrastructure.

The little tiny electric motor that raises and lowers the bow thruster is the most frustrating piece.  When the motor was being disassembled at the repair shop, a tiny little copper brush holder broke. The motor shop has been trying to sort out how to get it replaced/rebuilt.  Hopefully they can figure it out within a few days. Right now we have a manual lifting system rigged up, so everything works, after a fashion.  Just a good deal less convenient than pushing a button! This is really the only thing left we have to do here.  The worst case is that the motor is not fixable.  In which case we live with the manual deployment until we can find a replacement.  Not a disaster.

The weather looks good for a crossing over to the Bahamas in the middle of next week.

Our project list is starting to look better and better. Only a few things left!

  1. # Bow thruster maintenance, including electric motor inspection.  Still waiting for the jack screw motor.  In the meantime it works, manually.
  2. * Raw water manifold disassembly and inspection.
  3. * New zincs on the rudder.
  4. * Grease the feathering propeller.
  5. * Install new speed and water temperature sensor thru-hull fitting. 
  6. * Improve installation of in-hull depth transducer.
  7. * Install new instrument display.
  8. Delrin plate to protect deck from anchor chain. Probably not getting to this one…
  9. * Mark both anchor rodes for length.
  10. * Lubricate seacocks.
  11. # Install second water pump.
  12. Install upgraded anchor wash pump.
  13. * Tighten middle hatch support spring.
  14. * Wash and wax hull
  15. * Paint transom bumper.  Changed to install NEW transom bumper.  
  16. * Straighten bent rail.
  17. * Install arch and solar panels. 
  18. # Install new water maker membranes.
  19. Install new switches for deck winches.
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