Down the River…

We have done all we can do at the Lauderdale Marine Center, and it is time to head out closer to the ocean.  Kevan is with us as crew for a bit, and he brought along his video camera.  Strapped to the boat, it made a great record of our trip down the New River.

Fortunately, our trip down the river was a lot less stressful than the trip up.  Careful timing had us going into the current, which makes it much easier to control the boat, and there was a minimal amount of big boat traffic to contend with. I sped up the video so you can see the whole trip in just a few minutes.

I got lucky… the camera ran out of battery power before it recorded me driving the boat aground while looking for a place to anchor…  We got off in a few minutes, no harm, no foul!

We filled our tank with diesel fuel, and right now we are anchored in Hollywood, Florida.  We’ll be doing some sailing and fishing over the next few days until the last of our boat bits arrive. Then it will be off to the Bahamas.


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