A Pretty Perfect Day


Today’s weather in Paradise, 81, Sunny, with an 8 knot breeze. Water temperature in the mid seventies.  Yeah… Rough.

What happens when we are at anchor in a place like this?  A few hours in the morning doing “boat chores” to keep everything working as it should. Then after lunch we take a chance to explore a bit.  Today our exploration consisted of snorkeling and swimming in the waters around boat.  .

We broke out our Brownie Third Lung for it’s initial testing today.  It’s an engine and a compressor on a float that pumps air down to a couple divers underwater.  It seems a well designed unit, and worked pretty much as expected.  I am taking it slow getting comfortable with it.  It’s a bit different than diving with tanks, but not in any dramatic ways.  It gives us the freedom to dive anywhere without having to worry about getting tanks filled or storing them on the boat.

Tomorrow morning we we are expecting a cold front to blow through, and drop the temperatures all the way to 78 or so…



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