In the Big City

We came into Nassau to give the sail to the sailmaker for its repair, to get Kevan his connection for his flight back to Florida, and to have a bit of contrast for a few days. The sail should be done Thursday, and we can be on our way.

We are staying at the Nassau Harbor Club Marina.  The marina is in good repair, but the associated resort is a touch faded from its onetime glory.

Island economies are always strange things.  Frequently there is no obvious explanation for the prices of things.  Just by way of some simple examples, the cost of the sail repair is similar to what I’d expect to pay in the States, $75/hour of skilled work.

A visit to the grocery store is eye-opening…  Chicken, $18/pound.  Milk, $8/gallon. And my favorite–toilet paper, 4 rolls for $18!!!

Having seen those prices, we were a bit worried about the cost of a dinner out. It turned out that was surprising the other way. A dinner (which was delicious) for three with drinks came to just over $100.  Not much more, if any, than you would pay for a similar place in the US.  So if you are ever in Nassau, we can recommend The Poop Deck on Bay Street. Good food and good service.

Where are we?

And just a reminder for those of you who get this by email and don’t go to the website, you can get an update on our location anytime by going to this link:

There you will find a record of our location for the last three months.


It turns out that the initially reported prices from the grocery weren’t quite right… the shelf tags at the store were a bit confusing and out of alignment with the products.  Here is the real scoop…  Chicken $4.50, Milk $5.50, TP, $18 for 12 rolls.


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