Moving South.

Lat:  N 24º 10.92′
Lon: W 76º 27.69′
Big Majors Spot, Bahamas

Today we sailed about 30 miles south on the “inside”, that is , west of the Exuma Cays on the shallower water of the Bahamas Bank.  It was a great sail, close reaching and close hauled all the way in 20 to 25 knots of wind in a short, steep chop, at boatspeeds of 7 to 9 knots.  Sort of like sailing back in San Francisco, except with clear blue water and warm wind!  A short video…

We are now anchored off Pig Beach, so named because there are semi-tame pigs here on the island who expect every boat and dinghy to bring them food, and will swim out to meet them. They have become quite the tourist draw, to the extent that there are other islands who are promoting their own swimming pigs.  But these are the “Real, Original” swimming pigs–if that matters.  We haven’t been ashore yet to get pictures and close-up experience, although there are definitely pigs on the beach.  And chickens too.  Bacon and eggs anyone?

Our weather outlook is very good. In two days the forecast is for the trade winds to die off, giving us the chance to make good time to the south and especially to the east. I expect we will be taking a two day ocean passage all the way to the island of Mayaguana, our last stop in the Bahamas.


Another of the most beautiful places ever!

And here is a slideshow of the pictures from our exploring yesterday I promised…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Theresa Hill says:

    I so enjoy reading of your adventures. I can almost feel the warm air and water. Blessings on your travels. Cheers!

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